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White truffles are as well known for their complexity, delicacy and exhilarating flavor as they are for their prized status and rarity.  Often only available in the country’s most exclusive restaurants, truffles are now available for personal purchase here on Sensibus.  Bring the delicacy of the finest eating establishments to your home kitchen, with the taste of true elegance that only truffles can provide!

World-renowned for their unique and intense aroma and flavor, white truffles are called the “white diamond” of the kitchen for a reason.  Indeed, Italian white truffles are as rare as they are delicious, which is why they are coveted by chefs and diners alike.  Available only a few months out of the year, truffles are hunted from October through December. They grow underground in symbiosis with beech, hazel, oak and poplar trees and have to be hunted by specially trained dogs and pigs. The highest quality white truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico) are found in the Piemonte (Alba) and Emilia-Romagna regions of Italy, and that’s where we source ours.

Tips for storing fresh truffles

Fresh truffles are a highly perishable product intended to be used as soon as possible. Due to their perishable nature they lose weight, flavor, and aroma each day. Stored properly truffles can be kept for up to five days. To maximize shelf life unwrap the truffles as soon as you receive them. Line the bottom of a small glass or plastic airtight container with cotton or paper towel. Wrap each truffle in a small piece of dry paper towel and store, tightly sealed, in the container. Keep the container in the refrigerator until you are ready to use the truffles. The paper towel wrapping should be replaced every day until you are ready to use the truffle. Enjoy!

White truffle serving suggestions

White truffles should never be cooked, just thinly sliced with a mandolin as a finishing touch.  Typically white truffles are served with starches like risotto, pasta or potatoes with a liberal amount of butter (we suggest this one), this pairing brings out most harmoniously the truffle’s flavor.  Other typical and magnificent pairing include eggs, beef tartare or fish carpaccio .

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