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A savory treat for your taste buds

Often described as an earthy flavor adored by mushroom hunters worldwide, finding morels can prove to be difficult for some. Morel season is short and finding high quality true morels when out of season is even harder. We are here to help so you can cook with morels any time of the year.

Ask any morel mushroom hunting expert and they will tell you

Morel mushrooms, also known as Morchella mushrooms, sponge mushrooms, or pinecone mushrooms, are a rare culinary jewel. The Morel mushroom is one of the most sought-after and prized gourmet mushrooms in the world.

If you are lucky enough to find fresh morels mushroom simply rinse with cold water, pat dry and they are to be cooked. Sauté with a little garlic, shallots, white wine and finish with butter. Yum!

To use morels when dried, simply rehydrated and repeat steps as described.

Shop morel mushrooms that are forged and wild harvested

Though not absolutely impossible, it is quite rare for Morchella to be grown commercially. Cultivated morels are most found in China. Typically wild morels are harvested in the springtime when they pop up along forest floors, dying trees, river banks, and occasionally disturbed flower beds. They are especially abundant in forested areas that have been recently burned by forest fires.

Though they are only found during spring and early summer months, they can be dried to preserve flavor and enjoyed year-round. While many mushrooms do not hold their natural consistency, when rehydrated, dried morel mushrooms that have been stored properly stay relatively true to form.

You can buy wild mushrooms online to enjoy throughout the year in broths, and braises. They are also decadent when sautéed, fried, stuffed, or baked.

Try this Vanilla Scented Morel Mushroom Mole, for a unique recipe that will impress a crowd.

What makes our dried morel mushrooms so spectacular?

These whole, dried morel mushrooms are easily reconstituted and spring back to their original form in just 15-30 minutes. Dehydrated morels make it possible for you to enjoy this culinary delight year-round.

It takes roughly seven pounds of fresh morels to make one pound of dried mushrooms so use appropriately.

About our dried morel mushrooms

  • These dried morel mushrooms are available in bulk. Contact us to purchase larger quantities than listed.
  • stems are 2 cm in length and caps are 3-6 cm. There will be variation in overall size since these are a wild product
  • Organic, wild-harvested morchellas that are dried to preserve for year-round enjoyment. Please store properly to prevent pest that love fungus
  • Buy these wild mushrooms online and you can be sure you are getting an all natural, gluten-free, certified kosher, non-GMO product.

Uses for morel mushrooms:

Morel Mushrooms can be used in high heat cooking, Madeira sauce, cream sauces, or braised dishes. They are decadent when roasted with asparagus, and can be used for enhancing risottos or sautés with garlic and butter. Sea bass, Asparagus and a morel mushroom butter sauce is a classic but easily executed dish a cook of any skill level can accomplish.



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