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The practice of infusing psilocybin mushrooms into a tea that alters the mind and induces euphoria has been around for millennia. Ancient civilizations around the world such as the Greeks, Indians, Egyptians, and several Mesoamerican cultures have all undoubtedly consumed psychedelic mushrooms, and probably in tea form.

Our premium tea offers the medicinal benefits of psilocybin mushrooms in a delicious beverage. Brewing mushroom tea in hot water can extract the active ingredients in the tea as well as the mushrooms.

There are a number of reasons to consume your mushrooms with tea. Besides being easy to drink and digest, the ingredients are absorbed faster by our body without the side effects.

To meet all your needs, Shaman Collection offers you 5 tea formats:

In microdoses:

Format 1- Consists of 16 psilocybin mushroom tea bags 125mg per beverage

Format 2- Consists of 16 psilocybin mushroom tea bags 250mg per beverage

In macrodoses:

Format 3- Consists of 10 tea bags of psilocybin mushroom 500mg (0.5 gr.) per beverage

Size 4- Consists of 8 psilocybin mushroom tea bags 1 gram per beverage

Size 5- Consists of 8 psilocybin mushroom tea bags 2 grams per drink

Peppermint Flavor

Caffeine-free, this pure peppermint infusion is a great pick-me-up anytime of the day and a relaxing drink in the evening. This herbal tea is not only wonderful and comforting as a hot drink, but it is refreshing and revitalizing, with a hint of mint.


You will need a kettle, a cup of water and one of our ready-to-use SHAMAN COLLECTION sachets.

No mixing or weighing to do.

Boil water in a kettle/pot

Place the tea bag containing the mixed mushroom tea into the cup.

Pour boiling water and wait 4-5 minutes.

Enjoy this sweet blend.

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125 mg per sachet/16 sachets, 250 mg per sachet/16 sachets, 0.5 gram per sachet/10 sachets, 1 gram per sachet/8 sachets, 2 gram per sachet/8 sachets


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