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The practice of infusing psilocybin mushrooms into a tea that alters the mind and induces euphoria has been around for millennia. Ancient civilizations around the world such as the Greeks, Indians, Egyptians, and several Mesoamerican cultures have all undoubtedly consumed psychedelic mushrooms, and likely in tea format.

Taking Psilocybin mushrooms in a tea is still one of the most common methods of consumption to this day, and can effectively mask any mushroom taste. Additionally, when psilocybin/psilocin (the active compounds in mushrooms) are taken in liquid form, the effects kick in more quickly.

– Basic flavor –

The rich base of Ceylon and Keemun black teas is warmed by tangy cinnamon and cloves, with the distinctive citrus of fresh oranges. This fragrant blend will transport you back to Grandma’s kitchen, where baking was a daily occurrence year-round, and sweet and spicy treats were always available.

– Quantity – Each tea packet contains 8 grams of Psilocybe Golden Teacher Mushroom, and 32 grams of succulent Murchies tea for a total of 40 grams of blend.

– Dosage –

Light experience: 1gr. of mushroom / 5gr of mixed

Average experience: 2gr. of mushroom/10gr of mixed

Strong experience: 3gr. of mushrooms/15gr of mixed

We blend dried Golden Emperor mushrooms with high quality Murchies tea at our carefully tested 1:5 mushroom:mixed ratio. This ensures the optimal taste and optimal mushroom experience. When weighing the tea blend use the 1:5 mushroom:mixed ratio (1 gram of mushroom in 5 grams of mixed) to measure the dose. If you desire a similar experience to 2g of mushrooms, simply multiply that number by 5 (ratio 1/5) and weigh in the calculated weight of mixed.


You will need a kettle, a cup, water and one of our Spirituali-Tea blends.

Boil water in a kettle/pot

Weigh the desired amount of tea mix

Place the weighed mixture into the tea bag provided

Place the tea bag in the water for 10-15 minutes


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