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THIRD CHOICE or SMALL 5-9 grams tuber magnatum Pico

Tuber Magnatum Pico. For THIRD CHOICE means small white truffles from to 5 to 9 gr. integers, or irregular pieces. The choice does not determine the quality, it’s just a division according to its size. FROM ABRUZZO



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The white truffle, named Tuber magnatum pico, is considered the truffle of excellence because of it’s substantial commercial importance. It has a globular shape, with numerous depressions on the rind that make it irregular. The surface is smooth and slightly velvety. The colour varies from pale to dark cream to greenish. The flesh or “gleba” is unmistakable and is white or greyish yellow with thin white veins. Its pleasant aromatic scent, unlike other truffles, make it unique and unmistakable in its kind.
It lives in symbiosis with oaks, limes, poplars and willows, and it is rarely found in conjunction with other truffles. The white truffle, for the birth and development has needs of special terrain with equally unique climatic conditions; the soil must be soft and wet for most of the year, must be rich in calcium and good air circulation. It is therefore understandable that not all soils exhibit these characteristics and it is these environmental factors which makes the white truffle a rare fruit as ambito.
Today, the Abruzzo and Molise regions are where there is the most precious white truffles, thanks to the most recent discovery of the tuber compared to other regions, especially the Piedmont, Tuscany, Umbria and the Marches who have used their truffle zones for decades!
The harvest time is from September 15 (Piedmont) and 1st October (Abruzzo) until December 31.
NOTE: Truffles will be sold brushed and unwashed, to maintain greater durability.

The nose is a very sensitive ingredient. E ‘can store it in a cool place and for a short period (maximum 7-10 days) wrapped in a breathable gauze and closed in a glass jar.

Before eating
Before enjoying truffles make sure you clean it from all traces of soil, rinsing it moderately and employing a brush or a brush to semi-hard bristles.

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